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Sue Bookhout, SB Media Group, LLCIf you are looking for a professional with a good head on her shoulders, look no further. To each and every project, I bring a wealth of real-life experience, built over the course of many years and lots of hard work.

At heart, I'm an outdoors woman

All my life, I've loved the outdoors: the woods, the wildlife, the water. In 1994 I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Natural resources from Cornell University.

For several years, I worked as a research assistant in the forests in the Northeast, and later, the Rocky Mountains. Let's just say, I've measured a lot of trees, I've live trapped a lot of small mammals and I've counted a lot of beetles!

So are you wondering how I got into websites, marketing, and mobile apps?

Well, anyone who knows anything about field research jobs knows the work is very seasonal and, often times, very dependent on outside funding.

It was around 2001 that it became very obvious that I needed to beef up my computer skills to be marketable in the workplace. I've always loved technology, so I decided to take an online HTML class and learn how to code websites. I was immediately hooked.

Soon afterwards, I took a more comprehensive web design class at my local community college.

On-the-job crash course in business

As the Director of Operations at the Aspen Global Change Institute in Aspen, CO, I handled all the day-to-day business, including the bookkeeping, grant management, website management, IT problems, conference coordinating, writing, editing, publishing, as well as the marketing for our summer public lecture series.

As part of my job training, I traveled to Palo Alto for Stanford University's Publishing on the Web seminar and I completed a Mini MBA in Non-Profit Management through the University of St. Thomas.

My business, marketing and web design skills grew ten-fold in my four years at AGCI.

With the birth of social media, it was an exciting time in marketing

After relocating to nearby Carbondale, Colorado in 2006, I started a new position as an account executive at Backbone Media, a leading public relations and marketing firm that specializes in the outdoor industry. I handled the public relations for several outdoor brands, including Gerber Legendary Blades, Brunton, Nite Ize, and my favorite, Sitka Gear.

Facebook was just getting started and only few people had even heard of Twitter. I started my own outdoor blog when blogging was still in its infancy.

It was time to start my own business

It must have been the right choice at the right time, because shortly after leaving to start my own business, Columbia Sportswear contracted with me to handle their media relations in the hunting and fishing divisions!

In 2011, I relocated back to Central New York State. Since then, I've focused almost exclusively on helping business improve their websites and their overall online presence and marketing strategies.

WordPress is my platform of choice for web development. Simply put, it's powerful, affordable, flexible and easy to use. And as mobile use has sky rocketed, I've added mobile app development to my repertoire.

Don't wait for the perfect time

If there is one thing I've learned, it's to never wait for the perfect time to get started.

There is no perfect time.

You just have to bite the bullet and get started.

Let's discuss how you can grow your business quickly and affordably with my proven set of tools.

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Cornell alumni

Cornell University Alumnus

B.S., Natural Resources

Stanford Publishing on the Web

Stanford Publishing on the Web

Workshop Certificate

New York State Outdoor Writers Association

New York State Outdoor Writers Association

Webmaster & Member, 2011 - Present

University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas

Mini MBA in Non Profit Management